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FLASH...anybody wanna see....

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Well, dd , 15 months old,has gotten to the point where she is pulling my shirt down (I wear mostly scoop necked shirts)no matter where we what do I do? I mean, if she didn't weigh 22ish lbs, I would just carry her around nursing....she's never been a very private eater
...and I NIP all the time BUT I do try to keep it to myself as much as possible...what to do? Thanks mommas!
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Umm, I'd have to vote to wear a diff style shirt. I usually play with DD's hands because she fiddles a lot. If I play with her hands, or more specifically, her free hand (one is usually tucked between us) she cant pull my hair or play with my other breast, stuff like that.
nak....I do try to keep her busy...wanna guess how many toys I've bought in the last couple store trips???
She really does it most when I am carrying her through a store and pushing the cart w/ my other hand...I guess I need three arms....

Thank you momma! I suppose I will be buying more shirts...bummer bcuz I detest shopping...NOT
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LOL I thought you meant she does it while you're nursing. Maybe put on a big chunky necklace so that she is more attracted to that at your neckline rather than your shirt. It might be more stylish to buy new shirts though hehe. GL

I know how you feel with the toys thing lol, DD tends to get a toy at every shopping time hehe
I second the necklace idea! Try a nursing necklace - great for little ones to grab onto and they're safter than big chunky "normal" necklaces!
Do you nurse in a carrier? It might help your needing 3 hands problem! My DD has started with the pulling at the shirt thing too. I am going to have to buy some higher necked shirts too.

I actually made one in the style of the "boob" tops and it works great for nursing so my tummy isn't exposed. I am going to have to make more of those with a higher neckline.
I think I'll click the above link and find out about a nursing necklace...

Also, I suppose I am lucky that layering is in...yesterday I wore one of my tank tops that is really long w/ a tee shirt that I could wear BEFORE my giganto nursing breasts
it's a bit more, um, fitted now...and she figured out to pull up the tee shirt but didn't have as much success with letting it all hang out
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Have you tried carrying her on your back in an Ergo (or mai tei carrier)? Then you'd have both hands free to shop & unless she has really long arms, it most likely would not be a problem... I do this all the time, so let me know if you have any questions.

I am soooo hoping to find a mai tai tomorrow night...than I just have to learn how to use one....
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