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Flat Travelers

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Anyone do flat travelers? We just started and are having alot of fun. We have FT visiting from Las Vegas, California, and Maine at the moment and we have 5 out.

Just curious.

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I've always wanted to do this. I'm thinking of doing a 50 states unit when we get to second grade- maybe then!
Yep we have some Flats right now! We exchanged with some people from MA.
We've been to Japan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and New Zealand (but the family forgot about having our flat in NZ and ended up sending it back with nothing... it sucked. We will do NZ again sometime)
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is this like Flat Stanley? Kaya sent out Flat stanley to WA state on a boat trip with my SIL and then he went with Pops to the Taj Mahal. It was a riot to read his journal....our family has a good sense of humor!
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Yes it is like Flat Stanely. We made our own characters, we have a lady bug, 2 cats dressed in swim suits, Dora the Explorer and Simba. We are working on Flat Fred the Fisherman and a billard playing Minnesota Flats!

The kids are having a great time with them. We would love to get all 50 states.

If anyone here is intrested in exchanging let me know.
Yep, we do them too. We're a part of the Yahoogroup and another small HS buddy group on another board.
We have 5 flats...I think all but one is out now.
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subbing for more information...
I sent out my flat travelers about a year ago. I haven't heard from them since
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