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Flats on a Newborn?

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Anyone used flats on a newborn? I used prefolds with ds but hated them. Now we're using a combination of flats and fitteds and it's working great. Since I'm proficient with flats, I'm trying to think of why I wouldn't want to use them on a newborn? DS doubled his weight in 2 months, so newborn diapers would only last about 6 weeks. That just seems like so little time to use a whole stash of diapers. I love kisslauvs and I know they have good resale value and all. Would I regret not having all fitteds during those first few weeks? We did survive with prefolds, and my flats are much superior to what luck we had with prefolds. Opinions, anyone? Thanks!
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I put my first flat on B tonight and honestly have to say, I much prefer them over our fitteds and prefolds! I was really surprised, since I didn't have luck with them on X (didn't start using them until he was about 14mths). I say stick with what know what you're doing with flats and if you love 'em as much as I do now, your're better off that way!
the only problem i've had with flats for my toddler is when his poos are looser they tend to leak out of the diaper...

but that just means buy more covers right? flats are my absolute favorite although i do have one SOS.
Flats fit great with my last baby. I folded them in quarters, about the size of a newborn prefold, and pinned them like a prefold.
I've never used them on a newborn but with all the different ways you could fold them I bet they'd work great! That was all my mom used on us, though she had oblong flats... which I've been looking for and they are hard to find, they would be even less bulky then the square ones.
I haven't used them on a new newborn, but I started using them on DD at 3 wks and really like them (better even than fitteds or prefolds). I use the orgami (sp?) fold and then where it v's at the bottom, I fold up the sides (the two sides of the v, not the point) a little more as an extra poo catcher. I have had very good luck with them so far! Good luck!
p.s.- I haven't used the gerber ones. I have just used me-made 23"square flat fold diapers. They have been just right and even work great with a soaker/doubler for long nap times! DD was born at 7lbs and is now 11lbs (5 wks old)
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