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We've been using Kisslauvs because they ride around the waist in back and below the belly in front. Prefolds were a disaster because they were so bulky by the time I folded them down in front and then the dumb wraps we had with velcro never stayed on so the diapers were always falling off. DS was also too fat for me to be able to use a snappi on him - the prefold never came around far enough on the sides.

I love the fit of Kisslauvs, but the elastic is shot in them and we're also having trouble with our hemp fitteds being stinky. They smell fine when they're clean, but when you open the diaper pail it's not nice.

So I'm thinking of maybe trying flats because they might be wide enough to come all the way around so I could snappi them. I'm also thinking I could fold them in such a way that they would ride below the belly in front and at the waist in back, similar to our Kisslauves.

I have a couple concerns, though. With our current diapes that lack elastic, we have trouble with poop falling out all the time (ugh!). Is there a special fold that helps keep the poop in?

Also, how absorbant are they? We've tried pocket diapers with 9 layers of hemp inside (square 15x15 hemp diapers with 3 layers folded in thirds). That worked fine. Kisslauvs require doublers whenever we leave the house, and overnight I use my 9 layers of hemp as doublers with them. I just change often when we're at home during the day.

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I love flats (if anyone here hasn't noticed that yet
). If we are going out, or for sleep, I tend to double up - either fold two together or fold one like a doubler and then lay it inside the other flat. You might like a birdseye flat for the outside (snappi really easily) and then a hemp jersey flat doubled up inside to catch the flood. For keeping poops in, I usually fold or roll the edges in after I've folded the flat. For instance, I use the kite fold, but when you do that fold, the sides are still wide (basically the part going through the crotch) so then I fold the middle part in more or roll it in, kind of like Theresa's jelly-roll fold for prefolds. Also, I pull the wings up and then over, trying to tighten those legs as much as possible. It makes for a trim, but absorbant flat that tends to do a pretty good job of holding stuff in. I think DiaperWare has both birdseye and hemp flats ... I know she has flats, but now I'm blanking on which kind.
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I really like my stretchy flats. I have sherpa and stetch terry. They are prefold size, but only one layer so they aren't as bulky through the legs.
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