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flea season

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hello again -
my husband and i are the proud parents of a lovely little girl born august of '03
and a super dog (our first little girl). our problem is this -- our blond and furry child has some serious flea bites and we're somewhat at a loss for how to help her end her torment and keep our family flea-free and safe from chemicals. fortunately, we haven't seen the fleas on the dog (just bites) and there are no signs of the nasty critters in the home (no dander, eggs, or bites on anyone but the poor dog). in the past, we always used frontline, but are afraid it could hurt the little non-furry munchkin. any ideas?
we let the dog swim in an effort to drown any fleas and brush her fairly regularly (i think that's why we haven't found any evidence of fleas in the house or on us) -- but i don't want my poor doggie daughter to be continually bitten every time she walks out the door.
suggestions anyone?
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Hey mama - I think I'd post this question in health & healing or one of the natural care forums - you'd probably get a better response there rather than just here with local mamas!
Pet Guard powder in the dogs food?
that is about the only non chemical thing I can think of
You can get it at most health food stores
I think it also comes in wafers
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