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Fleas in the house. x-posted

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We are moving into a rental and I went to wait on the satelite guy and we have nothing set up and I had to nurse the baby, so I laid some blankets down and laying there 5 minutes or so we had about 5 fleas on us. I really don't want to live with fleas. The landlords said they would spray but obviously I'm worried about the chemicals with 2 guys on the floors. I called the exterminator and he said that the chemicals he uses are not dangerous after they are dry. I'm not buying it, but don't know what to do. How do I find out about these chemicals? Google isn't cutting it. The products he uses is Precor and Onslot(sp?). I need andvice and info, please. Thanks
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I can't imagine any safe way. Anything that kills fleas will probably harm people to some degree.

Fleas usually can't live without food. What are they eating when nobody is there?

What is in the place now? Are they living in furniture? carpets?

Note that you are within your rights to back out of an agreement based on this new info and get any deposits back.

I would ask that the landlord have any furniture and carpets replaced, and a thorough cleaning with hot water or steam or whatever they can do to whatever is there. If he doesn't agree, then back out of the agreement.

Sounds like the place is really infested. My cats get fleas in the summer, but i would never see as many as you saw in such a short period of time.
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i read in a cookbook of mine that mixing eucalyptus oil or wintergreen oil with water and spraying it on the carpet and around the house is supposed to make them go away. i have 2 cats and i always have some handy in a spray bottle to give the house a mist every now and then. i've never had a flea infestation though,thank god. im doing it more to prevent one than get rid of one,so im not sure if it'd fix the problem or not. i guess its worth the try though. heres the recipe:

1/4 eucalyptus oil or wintergreen oil
1 cup water

mix in spray bottle and mist away.

it says that the fleas hate the aroma and head for cover.

good luck!
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