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Fleas! (x-posted Pets)

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ok so we are currently living with my parents, who have two cats, both outdoor/indoor cats, and four dogs whom are allowed outside as well.

they have fleas.

they arent infested badly, however now the carpets ARE!!!
after playing on my bedroom floor with Addy i had four fleas on my legs, and Addy had one on her head!!!! *yuck*!

so, i dont want to use chemicals on the carpet, the animals are getting flea meds from the vet, but the carpets... oh i am almost in tears thinking about the infestation cycle, carpet>dogs>carpet>cats>carpet>both cats and dogs>carpet. *shudder*

ANY advice is greatly appreciated
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Borax will help a lot with the carpet...

Don't expect them all gone with it though but it helps keep them under control..

What I did was sprinkle on the carpet and then sweep it deep into the carpet and let it set for awhile...I then vacummed the rug...

If I remember right, the borax is to dry the fleas out

I hope that helps!!!!!!!!
is borax safe to use around kids?????
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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