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fleece scraps

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I have a bunch of fleece off cuts and I was wondering if anyone had any great suggestions for what to do with them. These are very small pieces. Truely scraps. I just have so many and I hate to throw them away. The only thing coming to mind is to just use them as stuffing in something but I was hoping for a little more inspiration!!
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My sister made a scarf out of fleece pieces, joined together with fancy stitches (I'm pretty sure it was machine stitched) - it turned out gorgeous!
if they are really small make pillows and use them for stuffing- the pillows are so soft and great for those with allergies- i made a large neck roll for myself and would not trade it for anything- if they are long scrapes tie them together and crochet a rug- also purple heart or salvation army i believe will recycle all material scraps for insulation- have fun
if you cloth diaper you can use them as diaper inserts. solid poop falls right off of them and it helps to keep moisture away from the baby's skin. i just got some and they work great.
Does anyone know what would happen if I used some to make hot pads for the kitchen? Will they melt?

I'm glad to hear about purple heart/salvation army, I'm having a terrible time throwing away the leftovers after projects.
I made fleece blankets for family last Christmas and still have plenty of scraps left over. But what I"ve made so far from them are scarves and LOTS of doll clothes, doll blankets and doll pillow for my nieces' Barbies. Barbie got loads of hats, tiny shawls, and even 2 pairs of leg warmers!
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