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fleece type question

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Hi everyone,

I posted this question over on diaperpin, but I haven't had anyone answer it yet, so I thought I would try over here. I made my first fleece cover yesterday. I made it with Malden Mills lightweight Windpro fleece for the outer and microfleece for the inner. I love this cover. It is trim and soft and seems to work pretty well. I purposely left DD in it a little longer than I normally would to see if a really wet diaper would leak through. I use wool covers all the time, but for some reason I don't trust the fleece. Anyway, after having her in the fleece cover this afternoon, I am convinced it is as good as my wool.

So here is my question: I live close enough to Malden Mills that I actually bought my lightweight Windpro at the store in person. The day I was there they only had 2 or 3 colors of lightweight Windpro. Now, the 200 weight comes in all sorts of wonderful colors. Can I use 200 weight on the outside with micro on the inside? The 200 weight will be bulkier than the Windpro. I'm afraid that using 2 layers of 200 weight would be really bulky. I'm sure this has been discussed before, but will 200 weight keep her dry? Should I stick with the Windpro even if the colors aren't ideal?

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The 200wt would not stay as dry as windpro... two layers might, or one layer of 300wt or windbloc

I am just green with envy that you live that close to Malden Mills.
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