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Floormate Question....

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we bought a hoover floormate back before we went chemical free....anyway, i saw one yesterday at my friend's house, and it made me wonder.....would my vinegar and water solution work in that???????
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That's usually what I use. If my floors are extra grimey, I'll use a little squirt of Sal Suds. Works great.
Not to hijack the thread, but do you like your Floormate?? We're getting rid of carpets and going to hardwood/laminate throughout so I've been looking for something to make cleaning a little easier.
I like mine a lot. We only have wood and tile on our floors and it is definitely easier than using a mop for so much space. I prefer to sweep or vacuum (w/ the vacuum cleaner) first, then use the Floor Mate. Even though there is a dry vacuum switch on the Floor Mate, it doesn't work all too well. It doesn't pick up the Cheerios that seem to multiply on my floor.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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