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I bought Florasone cream to use for my ds with eczema(5 month) -instead of hydrocortisone cream(which was recommended by our pediatrician). Reading the box, it says its for child 2 years and older. Same applies to hydrocortisone cream, so I thought I might as well use Florasone instead.
Would it be safe to use for my baby? Does it sting on broken skin? Does anybody have experience?
Also, ds seems to itch around eye area and scratches a lot. What relief can be used around eye area? I've been just moisturizing with creams and ointments, but it doesn't seems to help much. I'm not sure what would be safe to use around eyes. I was told not to use hydrocortisone around eyes.

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Most creams and ointments (other than steroids, which can have nasty side effects) won't do much for eczema, and yes- they do sting on open skin. In my experience, even all natural creams will sting- really anything that makes contact with the eczema (even water or clothing) can sting if it's inflamed enough. The best thing is to look for and eliminate the root cause of the eczema.

Are you breastfeeding? Have you tried an elimination diet to see if anything in your diet might be triggering the eczema? Eczema in babies is usually caused by a food allergy. The most common is dairy, followed by soy, eggs, corn, gluten.

You can check out my blog (click on my user name, then to my home page) for food allergy info, including elimination diet stuff.

And welcome to MDC!

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