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Fluffy/Curvy/Big mama's embracing their bodies?

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Not sure if there's already a thread going....but was hoping there were others here.

I am "curvy". I am 5'7, 171 lbs and TIRED of being obsessed with caloric intake and scale numbers, I want to embrace and be happy with my body how it is today.

I just finished a weight loss escapade. It was horrible. As soon as my kids were asleep I didn't want anyone to bug me, I wanted to plan out my next day meals perfectly in terms of calories etc, or work out. If I wasn't planning meals or working out I was with my kids, so no time with my husband. I would punish myself if I went over in calories, I wouldn't go to certain events because I didn't want to eat certain foods.

I just want to embarace and enjoy who I am today. Personally, I like my body....but I know society is more in tune with slim females, so that's how I wanted to be. I wanted society to accept me. But why???? Why not like myself?

So this is my journey, to enjoy myself! I will eat what I want to eat, but try and embrace healthier eating for my health. I will exercise when I want to exercise by doign the things I enjoy (bike riding, hiking, playing with my kids) because I ENJOY doing those things, not because I have to.

Who is with me? Who enjoys being large and in charge
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There is another thread here somewhere for plus sized mamas but haven't seen a post in a while.

I hear ya' though. I just recently in the past year reconciled with myself and my body. I refuse to go through life with the "when I am thinner I will do..." mentality. I will waste my whole life not experiencing things if I continue to think that way.

I love my body more today at it's larger size than I ever have. I have 2 wonderul miracles that helped to make my body this way and I would not trade them for the world to have my pre-baby body back. I just look at it as an exchange and I think I got the better part of the bargain.

I am 5 foot 5 inches and weigh 180 pounds. I am fit and I work out and excercise. I eat mostly organics and rarely eat at fast food places. So, for me this is just me. I will not worry if I gain a pound and I will not celebrate when I lose one. I am giving up the strife of our perception of "perfection" and just being me.

I do not look like those girls on the billboard and I am okay with that...Somehow I wonder if 'they' even look like those girls on the billboard.
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Oh hey, you did start a new thread, cool!

OK, so I am 40 years old and I will preach the size acceptance message because it is what makes sense to me. But feeling it is another matter altogether.
LOL I had actually started this thread yesterday then found the old one.
This can be the new 2007 thread though I guess eh?

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OK, I changed my mind about posting that since this is a big public board and my angst doesn't need to be out there, but I did sub to this thread.
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Awww well you can PM me. I am curious what you wrote and changed your mind about! (Yes I'm snoopy lol)
It was the post before your post, so you probably had already seen it. I was going to add to it and I came back after my daughters swim lesson to do so, but then I decided there wasn't any real purpose to it as it wasn't really helpful, There is copying and pasting that goes on here to other sites for entertainment purposes, so I try not to say much of anything on open boards anymore.
Oh ok, I didn't catch it. You actually added to the post since the last time I looked at it

I hear ya about the copying and pasting. I watch what I say online as well.
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I hear ya' though. I just recently in the past year reconciled with myself and my body. I refuse to go through life with the "when I am thinner I will do..." mentality. I will waste my whole life not experiencing things if I continue to think that way.


Amen to that! This is the philosophy I'm trying to embrace as well. But it IS hard, to say the least.

I've been overweight my entire life ... well, except for a couple of years about 13 yrs ago!
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me me me i fit in here. i am pregnant. 20 weeks. pre preg i was 280 ish, who knows, who cares?
and now, who knows? who cares!!!!
i am lucky to have the best most size friendly midwife around this time she ROCKS, and knowing she has confidence in my body helps me with my confidence in my body. something a VBACin BFARin to be BBWmama needs.
its funny, i HATED my body all my life til this past few years... and now. i LOVE my body. its lumpy, its curvy, its floppy and droopy, its bumpy and full of cellulite and rolls.. but i am one smokin hot mama! i suppose it helps that my husband also sees me in the smokin hot mama category
but i am feeling amazing about myself and my body. and it feels GOOD.
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Here is an interesting article about the futility of dieting: It's about 4 years old.

Dieting completely alters fat metabolism, not just by changing the percentage and composition of body fat. As we've seen, it also hampers our ability to lose it again, and it raises insulin levels. (Insulin is the fat-building hormone, encouraging fat storage and resisting fat break down. High insulin levels prelude high blood pressure, abnormal blood cholesterol levels and atherosclerosis.) Dieting also appears to deplete our body's reserves of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, Gaesser has noted.

All of these may help explain the multitude of studies demonstrating the increased risks for heart disease, cancers and death from dieting. These dangers "may be more significant than generally acknowledged," Gaesser said.

"It's a common misperception that fat is a choice and that fat people could lose weight if they wanted to," Gaesser added. "It's not true."
What is really depressing about this is is that I knew dieting was bad and resulted in more weight gain so I gave up dieting. Then I did this "healthy lifestyle change" and lost weight and was spurred to lose more and I joined Weight Watchers and then I read the Gaesser book and decided I had to stop dieting because that's what I was doing. And darn it, I am even fatter with more gut fat than before, and my blood pressure is not as good. I really feel like I screwed myself up.

I have no idea what my natural weight would be had I never dieted, starting with the damn diet pills I was on when I was 9, Weight Watchers when I was 13 and so on. I wish my mom had just left me the hell alone.
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just wanted to say hello and that I am subbing to the thread. 26 year old mommy here. I am BBW and very proud of my body. I cosleep also.
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welcome Phyra!
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Thank you. So what is the current conversation about?
ummm most of my current conversations tend to revolve around my ever growing belly. but then again.. i am a BIT fetus obsessed at the moment.

shall we come up with a topic????
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welcome Allison!
I'm happy to see this thread. I've dealt with the weight issue my entire life. I'm not really sure what I look like anymore. I feel like my brain is clouded with all of those comments made by family members, school mates, doctors, movies and magazines.
I want to be a good role model for my children and finally reach a point where I can be confident enough to be happy with who I am and not worry about what others are thinking or saying.
It's nice to have support!

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Ooh! Ooh! Me!

I'm not that big, honestly: about 5'4", broad-chested and big-breasted and hippy and normally somewhere in the 170s (but I'm six weeks postpartum so I'm carrying some extra weight), and I just don't stress about it anymore. I love my body and life is far too short to worry about whether other people think my fat thighs and belly are attractive or ugly.

I hate clothes shopping, though, just because it's so hard to find anything that fits comfortably -- but I think that's the case no matter what your size, you know?
this is so me here. my idea now is that as long as i am happy, thats all that matters. i dont let my weight (5'6" and 230) handicap me in any way. i wish others would also feel the same too.
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