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Fluffy Mail Joy!

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We just got our first piece of WAHM fluffy mail, and i am overjoyed...could not wait even a minute to pop my DS into the adorable flannel fitted from Cheeky Monkey. I am going to post a review asap.

Wow! I had forgotten how perfectly adorable that big fat dipe butt is! I can't wait to get more more more! I think if more people were educated about how different cloth diapering is from the "old days", and how amazingly cute and snuggly diapers are, we'd have alot more babies wearing cloth.

Thank you ladies so very much for putting me back on the cloth path!
YAY for fluffy mail!!!
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Yay! It's fun, isn't it. I got some fluffy mail today, too...Ds is sleeping though. I don't want to jinx naptime by saying I can't wait for him to wake up so I can try them on him...but....

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I got my Sugarpea today and my two Little Lambs
I'm waiting for my Fluffy mail from - it should be here anyday!

I remember my first WAHM Fluffy mail too, it was the best day I had had in a long time!
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Today my mailbox was stuffed with 3 packages.

3 brand new size large fuzzi bunz (2 butter, 1 peach)
2 First Class Baby size 2 fitteds
1 Little Caboose size 2 fitted
yay! I'm waiting for my first piece(s) of fluffy mail, I'm excited.
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My fluffy mail from "fluffymail" even had a label closing the package that read "fluffy mail"

Do you think our postlady is baffled?
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I got my first fluffy mail yesterday! Silly me, I didn't check the mailbox until nighttime, when Davey & I were pulling out of the driveway to go to "work" - but there it was!

A used Happy a mauvey-pink color! :LOL I put it on Davey this morning, and asked him if he liked it - he said "Yeah!" (which is his answer for everything....but it's still cute!)
I'm so glad I have a DH that doesn't bat an eyelash at pink pants on his son! :LOL
I got great stuff yesterday! Two HH from lilbunz, my hemp fleece nursing pads from LLL and some clothes from Old Navy. The mailman had stuffed everything in. It was an awesome day!

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