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Fluffy Mail...October 11~

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What'd ya get today, Mamas?

I got:

*6 SOS..hemp w/sage serging
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I'm expecting more Fluffy Mail, but don't know if it will arrive today!

So, yesterday I received...
1 Mini Shower, 1 Eucalan , 1 Lavender Eucalan,
8 Diaper pail Deodorant Disks (decided not to use these), 4 Bummis pull on pants and 1 free Burt's Bees Raspberry lip stuff.

The day before yesterday I received...
2 large Stacinator covers (1 buff, 1 turquoise), 1 6-pack Joey Bunz, large, 5 hempers doublers, 5 Zippidys trifolds and 3 Zippidys day liners.

I'm doin' a happy

Edited to shorten message and remove the Hyena. Doublechecked Hyena definition and it applies to buying cute cloth dipes.
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yesterday I had my biggest fluffy mail day *ever* it was thrilling!

from Diaperware:
~Lucy's Hope Chest AIO in purple dragonflys
~2 extra snap in soakers for the AIO
~a Baby Greens Nighttime doubler to try with the Growing Greens I'm waiting for from the TP

from Righteous Baby:
~2 more hemp snap-in contours with boy dream diaper addition & topped with micro fleece to match the microfleece inner of my cover

from Mama's Favorties:
~3 fleece topped doublers
~1 premium unbleached pre-fold
~Rash be Gone Cream & a sample of Lavender Salve
~and my Vintage Blankie Doll came earlier in the week
and she sent me a nice candle for free! wish I knew what kind it was. Plus I used the 15% off voucher, very nice

I am totally hooked on these diaper purchases, DH is a little worried. I promised I would take a break since I am waiting on a fitted from Patchwork Pixies, the Growing Greens & some Kushies liners from the TP.
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I'm waiting on about a dozen things...but nothing yet!
My Sugarpeas covers and snap just arrived!

I purchased a blue cover and a rose cover and a snap-in. I can't wait to use these. They're beautiful!
Nothing today but yesterday I got my custom made Tuesday Bear cover. It is so awesome! Teddy was great to work with.
I got 2 HHs--the soft flannel moons and the dolphins from mamaessentials. Desiree is wonderful to work with
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I agree that Desiree is tops! From mamaessentials I got some new UBCPFS, a Bummis print cover, and a new HH large (DS is growing life a weed! 18.5 lbs at 4 months now, with HUGE thighs....and skinny tummy...wait, that sounds like me, yikes..)

and FINALLY, I got a FMBG excited!!! It's the gorgeous dragon batik print, and I can't WAIT to use it.. in the laundry right now.

My other super cool fluffyness was a Bizzybhive AIO that I won off e-bay that has a geisha print, and oh mamas, is it EVER fabulous now that leaves me on the never-ending stalking quest of some Fuz, and awaiting an Angelwraps AIO in the next few weeks. Thanks to little lambs and the above, my stash is sadly almost complete. But all of a sudden I have this compulsive disease... I dream diapers.... ohh noooo...I'm turning into a

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today I got my tiedyed undies (er, Ashlyn's) from , Ivy's custom made acrylic yarn soaker and matching purse from Cassdarrow, AND 2 diapers from Darling Diapers. I'd say it was a good fluffy mail day!
Today I received two Butterfly Kisses AIO L from an ebay auction. They are wayyy cuter then I expected! Anyone know anything about these?
I got my 2 squarefolds and some snappis from and 2 covers I bought off eby - a black fuzbomb and a very cool dyed Lamkin wool cover. Yeah!!

The squarefolds seem soft and stretchy!!! I can't wait to try them on Cole
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I got my biggest fluffy mail package(s) ever today!

1 Luke's Drawers OSW
2 Sugarpeas
2 Liz's Cloth
1 Little Lambs
5 cloth wipes
1 Bummis cover

And, not fluff, but 2 tubes of Baby Bees Diaper Ointment which I

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6 medium proraps snaps I won off ebay new. So now we officially have all the diapering supplies we need except maybe for a bigger pail.
Some pink striped moccasins for Bridget from Nowa Li. Tooooo cute. Not dipes, but shoes are big fun, too!
8 wonderful yards of hemp fleece. Washes, dried, washed dried, washed, dried, wraped myself in. sosoft.

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