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Fluffy Mail opens Tuesday!

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I just saw the banner ad. Is everyone ready? I have been cruising the site this morning. I have a PG friend I think I am going to buy a few of the First Class Baby diapers and the Little Caboose for. I made her some of my old wool covers and have knitted her some things. I am excited about their opening...... It all looks so great and I know all teh WAHMS are such high class mommas...
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I can't wait! Their site looks super and I'm really looking forward to trying these new dipes.
If Joann (from Hubba-Bubbas) has new dipes available... I'm IN! I sew my own CuddleBuns now but I do love my sizable stash of Hubba Bubbas....

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yeah! that's great! Best wishes for a successful grand opening ladies!!!

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