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Fluffy Mail - What did you get today?

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I got a brand new 100% cashmere KP cover, purple with purple serging and snaps - soooooo soft, and a flower print SOS, both bought off the TP. Oh yeah, and I scored a KP at todays stocking, and a FLAM from RB too. Let the girlie diaper buying spree begin for me, lol! :LOL

So what fluff did you find in your mailbox today?
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we got underwear! LOL kind of ironic cause DS is having a relapse :LOL
nothing like a cashmere KP, but it was a load!
2 OV LBs, a OC LB, a night time peewell, a very cool happy tushies double bag, and 2 more snap-ez inserts for DD's night pants. It's the most fluff in one day since I started
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we got our shorts from Bailey's Britches & More ( from the FAA auctions - they're embellished with a rocket ship and planet and are very, very cute.
i got 4 eezi-folds from the tp - yay! thanks christy!
I got my pixie luxe from last weeks stocking. sooo fast! It is definitely the most beautiful diaper that has ever touched ds's bum!
I'm so excited! I finally got my first custom wool.
This is from Bridget's Soakers:

Oh, and I also got two hand dyed toddler PFs from the TP in the mail today. Wish me luck with those. The first time I tried PFs on my girl, she shut me down. Maybe these will be pretty enough for her.

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I got a medium blue fussybutt fitted. It has a cute little monkey embroidered on it. I also got a medium elbee with pink edging. They are both so cute!
Still in the mail I have: size 2 LC hemp fitted, color- raspberry. And 2 large elbees with green edging, crossover snaps, and no sidewalls! I'm really happy with how my diaper stash is turning out
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I got a saturn blue VB AIO

I already had now in a few days when the other 6 that are on their way get here, I can oogle over my nice even dozen
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I'm waiting on a package with some hemp inserts...still hasn't arrived. Very strange.
I got 2 Plain OV SOS with blue serge from the stocking 3 weeks ago
I'm waiting on 1 nb mutt from yesterdays stocking and some size 0s from baby bear :LOL Oh and 3 nb custom longies from BJ marketplace. hmm think that is it!
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I got a Bum-Ware AIO in Saturn Blue. It is really well made and so soft inside! I can't wait to put it on DS.
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I got 2 OC Loveybums and a plum wool jersey cover also LB.

A Princess and Pea diaper and 12 flannel wipes from Princess and Pea.
I got 2 NB/small Bum-Ware AIOs in green and blue and 1 Stacinator wool cover. All from another CD mom for a real good price and everything is in EC so I'm very happy!!!
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i got my iced plum loveybums cover. beautiful cover. perrrrrrrrfect
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I got the Rainbow Perfection shorts from the last UM stocking. Plus three Loveybums
Blue, Green and orange LOVE THEM LOVE THEM
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I got a onse size sherpa diaper from Doodlebottoms. It si quite soft and I can't wait to try it. It was wrapped up with a matching wipe in some very pretty yarn.
I am waiting on the panda cover. She had it stocked in a large and I loved it so much I bought it - when I emailed seeing if she could add extra snaps so it would fit my littel guy she offered to make me a medium.
Great customer service
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