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Fluffy Stuff Wednesday :)

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I got my Loveybums!!!

8 dipes for Libby, 6 dipes for Katie, and a gorgeous stretchy wool jersey cover for Libby

They're all scrumdiddlyumptious!!!

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It's a "scrumdiddlyumptious" day here too!
Got my Muttaqin Baby custom order (it got to Canada in less than a week!!!) and it is so fabulous. A barnyard print, a red stripe, and the fishies print. And Michelle sent me some free wipes and they are lovely. I don't have any fancy washies so I am quite intrigued by this idea!
my Muttaqins! Got 8 now!
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Oh, aren't nice washies the best?? I got a sample once.... and umm, now I have an insane number of gorgeous washies!

In fact, yesterday, I got 2 dozen from Pipsqueak, a variety of hemp/sherpa/bkt/velour.... they're DELIGHTFUL!
Noooooo!!! Please let it be THursday!!! Dork! DORK!

okay, let me change the title!
Geez, you scared me - I thought I missed an entire day :LOL

Originally Posted by kimberlylibby
Noooooo!!! Please let it be THursday!!! Dork! DORK!

okay, let me change the title!
: Bed rest will do that to ya!

I got 3 SOS. YEY!!!!
A hand-dyed Avocado, starfish & seahorses, and the ever-elusive rockets I have been dying for! Yippee!
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Yippy! My Fuzzi Bunz that I started to loose hope in came today! The post office didn't loose it or steal it
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I got as front snap pipsqueak fitted and a doubler and fleece liners as a fairy gift!!!!!!!!!
I got my sundress set and my sos that I won off of ebay.
I got 2 more muttaqin AIOs plus 1 extra soaker (I ordered 3, oh well, I'm sure she'll fix it)

My parents also mailed me the HUGE box of pampers DS got at my baby shower when I was home visiting.
Well, at least I won't have to buy sposies for the two guys (Marines that work with DH) who are watching DS while I'm in labor. I'm not exactlly going to leave prefolds and snappis with them.
: Can you imagine!
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I got an SOS diaper and playsilk and my BJ Marketplace soaker. I can't wait for DS to wake up so I can try it on him.
I got two wool covers I got from eBay (one Kiwi Pie, one Liz Cloth), and a Natural Babies order consisiting of *drum roll*

- 6 Kissaluvs size 1
- 6 Kissaluvs size 2
- 1 Stacinator deluxe fleece cover, size medium
- 1 Stacinator deluxe fleece cover, size large
- 3 Burt's Bees Baby Bees diaper creams
- 1 Burt's Bees Baby Bees apricot oil
- 1 Burt's Bees Baby Bees shampoo bar
- 1 Burt's Bees Baby Bees buttermilk bath envelope

and because Colleen is so nice, she hid a little sample of Burt's Bees apricot facial scrub in one of my covers. I was smiling for ages after I got everything! I've been waiting 1.5 months for the big order so it was long coming. But now this means I don't really have much to look forward to anymore; Liam has the bulk of his stash for each size he'll need, and I don't really have any money anymore as I bought most everything when I was still pregnant and working. I have a Cloud 9 Softies package coming as an exchange (3 medium softies, 4 large, 2 toddler), and a Wonderoo that is out to be repaired (which I don't know if I'll even get back because I've been waiting for that for at least two months)... and that's it. I wanna cry! But, I'm always stalking eBay for the odd thing here and there and I can still "window-shop". Oh the addiction!
Now, this is my first fleece cover. Does it have to be washed a few times before I can use it? And stupid question, but is it warm? I know wool is warm in winter and cool in summer, is fleece the same?
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I got my first wool soaker!!! I love it! It is a Baa Baa Bottoms that I got off the TP. Now I just need to get a couple more!!! I really
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sigh, no fluff today. not waiting on too much either, so it'll be few & far between
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I got some fluff... I got some fluff.. I got some fluff

It totally made my day!!!

I bought some dipes from the mama's on the TP and two of them arrived today. I LOVE GETTING FLUFF
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