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Fluffymail: good news and bad...

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Did you see their website?

The good news, Carli is pregnant!

Bad news, fewer stockings...

I only recently started checking their boutique regularly again, and happened to come across their announcement.

Hey, that brings me to another question... are people still stalking them like they used to? I just wondered, because I haven't been checking as often as I once did. Meaning that is no longer my home page
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I have always checked their site when I think that they are due for a stocking. I began checking every few hours about a week ago. They haven't stocked anything since March 15 so I figured it was about time. Then I saw that update yesterday. Yeah Carli!!! I don't have any money to buy new diapers anymore anyways, but I am thinking that size 2 FCB fitteds just might fit Sarah very nicely now.
Congrats to Carli! I see they'll be stocking at EEs charity event though.
I so need to start putting some money aside for that.
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I saw that annoucement too
Yeah for Carli and family!!!

I do think people still stalk their site, just seems like no one posts too much about it anymore. And I am most definitely looking forward to the EE charity event!!! woo-hoo!!!
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I'm so excited for Carli but really sad she is so sick. I can do without stalking if it means she has a heathy baby!!! At least now I know I don't have to check many times a day LOL!!!
I am SO wanting to get one of their diaper bags. I am so happy fpr Carli! YAY.
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