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Wow, how is it possible that there isn't a review thread for this awesome WAHM business?!

I have had nothing but amazing experiences with Fluffymail's diapers. Their First Class Baby fitteds are one of the few brands of fitteds that fit my long-waisted, skinny-thighed, big-booty girl. However, they seem to fit babies of all different shapes and sizes--tall and skinny, short and chunky, petite. They're like some kind of magical diaper! :LOL Their AIO's don't wick, and their envelope design (both fitteds and AIO's) is just brilliant. The sewing is absolute perfection, and they choose high quality fabrics in the cutest prints.

And Amy and Carli's customer service is the best I've ever experienced, bar none. I've bought from them many times, and packages are shipped immediately. My emails have been answered almost instantly. They once repaired a diaper for free, even though they thought my sewing machine caused the hole--and then sent me a playsilk for my trouble. They also repaired the snaps on a diaper I bought on the Trading Post for free; they didn't sell this diaper to me, and they didn't get any money for it, but they were still so kind and willing to help me. And who can forget when they made good on a hundred oversold diapers when their server crashed during a stocking?! They are generous too, having raised thousands of dollars for charity auctions and raffles.

I would recommend Fluffmail diapers to anyone in a heartbeat!!
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