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Fluid leaking - leaving for party in >1hr. help!!

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Help mamas - I'm supposed to be going to my baby shower in about an hour. I'm crampy and I leaked some clear fluid into my panties. I know this is TMI but I didn't know enough to pay attention last time. What does AF smell like? This is a bit "semen-y". There is no color and no real consistency to it; it's just like water...

Any ideas....

I'm cross posting this in the May DDC too!
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Most likely extra discharge... happened to me at the same time. Semeny makes me think not amniotic fluid. Crampy... stress, nerves, excitement. If the cramps come regularly, then go check it out.
My cervical fluid has been more watery lately too... making me worry about an AF leak but I think it's just lovely CF. Between that and all the bladder pressure, I think I need some depends!
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Semen-y seems a little thick for amniotic fluid...

Did ya get it on anytime in the last 24 hours? Maybe it IS semen!
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LOL - that's NOT even close to being an option. Nothing on that front since I can't remember when!! LOL
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