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Last week I had to travel to Indiana for a conference. It was going to be my first overnight away from dd and the first time traveling and pumping. I was nervous to say the least. I practiced what I would say if questioned by security about my pump or the milk that I would be flying home with. I reminded myself that the law is on my side and then packed my bags..

To my surprise my experience was WONDERFUL! The security at LAX was great. As my pump went through the x-ray a male guard(?) asked the female "What is that" she replied "it's just a nreast pump". I boarded my flight with Southwest; made my way to the last row of the plane and took my seat. I figured that if the flight wasn't crowded I could pump in my seat, I had a blamket to cover me, otherwise it would be easy to slip into the bathroom. Well as the flight was boarding I struck up a conversation with the steward, Russ. He told me the flight was going to be full. I let him know that I had to pump during the flight. He said " Honey, I have 21 grandchildren, the law is on your side. If you need to pump do it. If someone else is uncomfortable they can catch another flight." Then at the hotel I got a free upgrade to a room with a fridge. The flight home was the same kind of experience as the flight out.

All I can say is that the tide seems to be turning out there, and I like it!
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