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I just got back from a trip with dd (8 mos). I don't know how long your flight will be, ours was pretty short at 1.5 hours.

I'd suggest small-ish favourite toys (so you can pack a variety without too much bulk) that won't roll all over the place if they get dropped. Dd LOVES her Haba toy chain (a toy in itself, and you can attach any number of toys to it with those plastic ring things - they'rs sold as "pacifier chains", her small tag toy, a yellow rubber hand (?), a teething pretzel, and a couple of rattles. I would suggest avoiding noisy toys for the benefit of other passengers.

The best distraction for us, though, was a "grandmotherly" woman who was sitting behind us. She seriously spent about half an hour making faces at dd and letting her play with her fingers over the back of our seat. She was a godsend, since dd had no interest whatsoever in sleeping!

Enjoy your trip!
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