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Flying with kids just getting over ear infctions...any ideas for ear pain??

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I am flying tomorrow wih 3 kids who have colds. Two of them have/had mild ear infections. Flying always bothers my ears and I'm more than a little worried about my little ones. Any ideas? I don't really wnt to give them gum, but I got some dried fruit, hoping that might be chewy enough.

Any ideas welome!
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Get earplanes for kids and install before you take off and leave in until you land. Also motin or another analgesic for pain. The earplanes are found at drug stores or target or someplace like that.
Take off and landing will be the worst, if their ears are bothering them. If the pain gets really bad, ask a flight attendant to put a towel soaked with super hot water into a cup. Put the cup up to the ear and hold it there. The steam will help alleviate the pressure.

Worked like a miracle for my dd a couple years ago.
Mullein eardrops from Meadow sweet herbs, have them pinch their noses during take off and landing so the breath through their mouths, rescue remedy, cranial sacral technique on the ears by you or papa.
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