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FO! Brea Bag, Amulet and Dreamswatch

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I finished these a while ago but never got around to posting! The brea bag was for my little sister's birthday, and the amulet was for mother's day, I bought some cool bath salts to put inside. The dreamswatch is mine.

I LOVED knitting the brea bag! It was my first project with real wool and cables. If I made it again, I think I would fuse some heavy interfacing to the lining fabric to give it a bit more body. I'm not sure if I like how it looks when it hangs.
I used the leftover silk I bought for dream swatch to make amulet, rather than sock yarn like it calls for. I think I used size 5 needles? So it's bigger, but it was just the right size for the little bag of bath salts.
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Gorgeous! I sooo want to try a dreamswatch sometime...

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Gorgeous! I sooo want to try a dreamswatch sometime...
Thanks. The dreamswatch was worth knitting only because the yarn was so yummy and the end result so cute and functional. To be honest, it was kind of a pain to actually knit. Those yarn over rows took a lot of work, especially at first. I did the bulk of it in the car while we were moving 900 miles away.
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Those are lovely!
I really like Brea in purple, I hadn't thought of it in purple.

In frith
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can you tell us the pattern for the amulet? I could probably make a reasonable facsimile but it is perfect for all my little scarps of handspun silk and cotton experiments and I would love to have the pattern.
beautiful work!
Pretty! I think I need to make the Brea bag and Dreamswatch. You've inspired me!
Amulet is from Magknits, here is the link. It's a great way to use up those little bits of yarn!
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