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Sally Spicer Bucket Bag with Clutch tote used about 5 times total practically in new condition Dragon Fly with blue backround and red inner... Its not what im looking for. $46.00ppd

Happy Tushies Changing Pad and Wet Bag set!!! Little boys and gals walking around with a red umbrella and a tiny dog...Blue back round sooooo cute..I never used the pad but the wet bag was used therefore the color has faded a bit but once the pad washes it iwill match the bag... Zippered Closure$15.00ppd

Changing pad and wet bag set...Plain Coral, light green and beige with Coral Pink PUL inner Zippered Closure $15.00ppd

Hand Dyed Cuddlebuns By Calra MY LITTLE TRIBE Sherpa outer Hemp french terry inner...Toddler Doubler Used 1 time(the fit is not good anymore on my boy 14.50ppd Blue and Yellow (and green obviously where the dye meets..)

RB FLAG diaper sz 1 knit...Sports and boy dream addition $13.50pp

4 Prefolds converted into fitteds pastel serging no stains UB...These are like contours very easy plus they have the benefit of the elastic legs... 2.00 each

6 Medium JBs 20ppd for ALL!! (these weigh)

Little Lambs knit insert for AIO with micro 2.00ppd

Little Lambs AIO HEMP

Hawaiian Blue Flowers and scooby doo print(boyish) 7.50ppd each

FUZ BOMB SMALL Blue Skies DG $42.00ppd with insurance included..EC no stains no nothing this has been very very well cared for....

FMBG Cowboy AIO Hemp yellow trim and yellow micro inner front snap Medium. $14.00ppd

I also have newborn clothes and winter clothes(NEW GAP and OLD NAVY long sleeved ONSIES).. I washed the onsies and shirts but my son will not wear them. I just washed these yesteday but the heat here is to extreme for long sleeved shirts. I got grey and white onsies. One red waffled onsie, sripped (jean blue and white) onsie and a stripped navy blue, blue and beige shirt from old navy...and a white with collar(has stripes blue) from osh kosh all in size 6-12...I would like to trade for these new or in EC or washed and new summer shirts BOYS from gap, polo, old navy etc siz 6-12..

Any questions please email or pm me. I accept funded paypal at [email protected] I can accept CC payments if you add the fee...I am not responsible for items lost if you want insurance it will be added to the total unless otherwise stated...


Robeez 6-12(in EC) for a boy solids only no prints except the pockets robeez and the new stripped sport in blue.

NIkkys Cotton Large and Breathable Poly Large

Proraps Large
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Make me an offer...!! pictures at

there are some pics missing but i will take a pic of whatever you need!!!

Snapdrgon cover $a6.00
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