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Foam play mat alternatives?

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I'm looking for a buffer between my 7 month olds head and the hardwood floor.
Something like those foam play mats but non toxic... Does anyone know of a non toxic alternative?

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I just use a quilted waterproof multi-purpose pad on the floor, though it's on an area rug now. I'll need to get something bigger for when our DS starts crawling.

You could buy a full size quilt/comforter and fold it to your needed size for extra padding underneath on the hardwood floor. Plus, it's easily thrown in the washing machine.

Not sure if that's the type of solution you were looking for...
I've been hoping for something "moppable".
I've been using a large "puddle pad" type thing but she crawls/rolls/wriggles off of it and bunches it up...
When I was younger, my mom sewed (by hand!) a cover for a foam mattress topper. We used that thing until we were in our teens.

I was thinking of doing the same except using flannel backed vinyl. Perhaps you can find a mattress topper made of better materials?
From what I've read on some recent Google research, camping mats seem to be made of EVA foam which is supposedly non toxic. That's what I got for my baby. I'm going to cut it in half and duck tape it together so i'ts a big square. Actually, I'm currently waiting to hear back from the company just to verify this particular one is EVA.

It does say 'safer' and not 'safe', though....
we have a foam play mat that is EVA foam. I hope it's not toxic! Everything I have found (which is limited) does say that EVA is okay.

It's from We Sell Mats, on amazon. The tiles are 24" square.
As for the play mat, This one has always been my favorite of all of them. It can be used for a lot longer than most of the regular floor mats.:x

Hope this will help you:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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