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Foggy brain

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Do any of you get this as well? I thought that I was out of the PPD and then the last week I've had foggy brain, low/no motivation. Trying to decide how to feed my children and myself and get everyone dressed is a major mountain. I'm not talking about kids not wanting to do it but trying to figure out the legisitcs of how to do it. Also today I just sit down because even attempting to do something seems pointless and overwhelming. My toddler has been watching Brother Bear and I've snapped at him this whole week. I started to spank him when he wasn't listening and now he's taking it out on our 8 mo old baby. I feel like I'm either super stellar mom or mommy dearest.

I guess I was wondering if anyone else experiences this foggy brain as well and how do you get yourself out of it?
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I've been there. Sometimes I feel like I can't form a thought with PPD. I think it's a common symptom with depression. Basic things really seem to help me like getting enough sleep(if that's ever possible
)and making sure I've got enough protein in my diet. I suppose exercise would help to but I've sort of fallen off that apple cart. Also, make sure you've got some time for yourself. I find myself getting frustrated with DS when I haven't had enough time to take a bath or read or anything.
Hang in there mama!
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Thanks spiralchrissy. I headed out in the light rain with the two boys just to get out of the house. We stopped at a friend's along the way and thankgoodness as it started to downpour. It was such a nice respite though and gave ds#1 some time to play while ds#2 slept in the sling. She gave us a ride home, then after I put ds#2 to sleep I went out to Costco to pick up some things and just that time along with dh just picking up on my mood and saying, "it's been a rough day huh?" with a great big hug made me feel SOOOO much better. Man a hug and a walk can do so much.

About the excercize thing, that's so difficult b/c when you're not getting enough sleep any spare moments you want to just veg or catch up on sleep. I ran the other morning to burn off some nervous, angry energy but by 2pm I was exhausted. Good luck with your excercize regiment and thanks for hte support and thoughts.
Glad you got some support! That's so important. It's amazing how much a little support can do in your life. Keep writing, though, when you're having a rough time. I think it really helps.
Thanks for the exercise encouragement. I've really gotta get busy with that one a.s.a.p.!!
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"I feel like I'm either super stellar mom or mommy dearest."

Geez, do I know that feeling. The fact that you willingly admit it is so wonderful. It's one of those things that people make you feel you should never experience or talk about. It makes me feel better to know I'm not alone in this. Thank you.

I have a suspicion that I become mommy dearest when I've been trying TOO hard to be stellar mommy. Like I don't really have the rest or strength to be patient and nice, but I keep pushing and pushing myself to hold it together, till I snap. It would be better, probably, if I could fall apart sooner but in a smaller way. It's not my style to not go down without a fight, I guess you could say. I think I "fought off" PPD in that way for a while, too, and ended up with an uglier crash because of it. Denial is a powerful tool, but not a useful one in the end.

Hope you've had a good day.

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