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follow up to tv thread. seedgrl???

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If any of you remember, there was a thread posted by seedgrl a while back askign for advice on weaning from the tv. 3 weeks ago, my daughter and I moved out of my parents' house and into our own apartment(our first, YAY!). We don't have the money for a tv and I preferred not to have one anyway so I didnt' bother savign for one. We are still currently tv-free and LOVING it. She didn't even ask for it after about the first week or so and is SO much more tolerable. Mornings without tv are a dream. I no longer have to fight with her to get dressed and eat so we can go to the sitter's house. She's happier in day-to-day routines. Yeah, there are moments when I would wish for it to veg her out a little when she's cranky and I'm tired but I'm becoming a better mama because of not having it. We listen to the radio constantly for the extra background noise but I honestly do NOT miss tv. I'm a 22 year old reformed tv addict!!!
Seedgrl, if you read this, I would totally try to convince your partner to wean slowly from the tv. The change in my daughter is amazing! Good luck.
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Double congratulations! On getting your own apartment and going tv free! I agree, my boys are so much more independant and imaginative for not having it! There are so many cd's and tapes at the library we totally get into that, and I love it. Good job!
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