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Followup visit after my ER visit

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I'm going to the OB tomorrow to followup on my Friday ER visit. I was home with the boys when my arm suddenly went numb. I lost my ability to speak cohesively, was forgetting common words, and slurring my speech. Blurry vision and other weird stuff. The symptoms went away about 30 min later but I was still worked up in the ER. I ended up consenting to a CAT scan to rule out embolism, brain tumor, etc. OB also ordered a bunch of blood tests looking for clotting disorders. They think what I had is called a TIA, transient ischemic attack or 'mini-stroke'.

It was so frightening being here with two kids and starting to lose my abilities. I am so frightened for this baby and for myself, I hope tomorrow is helpful. I'm taking a baby aspirin a day right now to help prevent the clotting, and antibiotics for the UTI I apparently have.

Anyway, if you can send prayers and good thoughts... I'd appreciate it.
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Wow, that sounds scary. Can a UTI cause those symptoms? Dehydration? I hope that your visit goes well and you get some answers!
thoughts and prayers headed your way!!!
Definitely. Let us know what you find out.
oh my! that would be frightning!
I hope you figure out whats going on and all is well.
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hope you are feeling better! How scary!

Goodness, I'm so sorry! That sounds really scary!

Sending you positive prayers/vibes/energy!
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Wow, Bethy, how scary! I certainly hope everything checks out ok.

A woman on my due date list with my dd had a stroke at about 15 weeks. She's on medications now for the condition, but she's otherwise no worse for the experience. Her birth went fine and her baby was unharmed.

Please let us know how the ob appointment goes.
aww, how scary! I hope everything is ok. We'll be thinking about you!

Originally Posted by judybean
thoughts and prayers headed your way!!!
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I went today, doc said they are pertty sure that's what happened. I am to take the baby aspirin until she gets the blood tests back. If any of them are positive I'll have to take heparin
If not, then I'll see a neurologist. It's freaking scary, I feel betrayed by my body.

I am to see an opthamologist for an eye exam, and it's just a matter of waiting for the tests now, they are for some clotting disorders. Can't say it was really reassuring, but at least I know she's on top of it.

Thanks for your prayers and thoughts.
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Wow, scary!! Did your CAT come back normal?
Let us know about those blood tests ...

I'll be thinking of you and sending healthy vibes your way.
Yes, CAT was normal which is good... no long term damage. Just frightening to feel like a ticking time bomb.
Wow, that is really, really scary. Here's hoping that it's all over with now!
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