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I am not sure whether to put this here or in the nutrition forum, but I am dying to know if my situation is rare or if it is perhaps common?

THe question: Is it possible for a woman to have a reaction to a certain food only while breastfeeding/lactating?

THe backstory: I have been having stomachaches for over 2 months (my baby is 3.5 months) and I recently went to my FP and she ruled out parasites and h. pylori, my two theoretical frontrunners.

I came to realize the other day that almost all of the stomachaches that I can recall what I ate right before were due to EGGS! Quiche, scrambled eggs, omelettes...all of a sudden it hit me that there is a definite correlation...and it explains why during my candida diet, the stoamchaches were more frequent (eggs are huge part of my yeast-free diet) and why when I went on antibiotics for mastitis, they stopped (I gave up my diet since the yeast was back anyways).

With my 2nd baby, SHE would scream for hours if I ate eggs, so I gave them up once i put 2 and 2 together on that one, but they didn't affect me. Now I can plainly see they are causing me physical pain.

Is this unusual? SHould I bother getting tested or is it simply a matter of not eating eggs?
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