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Food dyes making kids sick?

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I have heard bad things lately about food dyes making kids sick. Of course my dd is only 8 weeks old but I want to be well-informed when it comes time to give her solids.

Do any of you not give your children food dyes? Does anyone have websites or book recommendations on the subject?

Thanks mommies!
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My children are dye-free. We also don't eat artificial flavors or preservatives like TBHQ, BHA, & BHT. These are all coal tar derivitives and who wants to put THAT into their bodies!?!

*Why Can't My Child Behave?* Is the best book I've read on the subject. is one online resource, but you have to be a member to access a lot of their stuff. Still you can find some basic info there.

Good for you to be gathering information so early! What a lucky dd you have
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