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I need help from those of you who are educated on all this stuff! My daughter is 8 weeks old, and so far I know she has an intolerance (through my bm) to dairy, soy, bananas, apples, and cantaloupe. She seems to handle wheat, brown rice, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, green peas, basil, garlic, olive oil, turkey, pork, & chicken. That's all I know since that's as far as I've gotten on an elimination diet. She is (and always has been) exclusively breastfed and had no abx (or any kind of drug) at birth. I did eat a lot of dairy when I was pregnant and probably didn't eat as many raw foods as I should have.

When I eat an offending food, she vomits large amounts with accompanying crying (this is no happy spit-up scene!) right after eating and every few minutes for up to an hour afterwards. We're talking LOADS of laundry. She also acts very colicky and cries. Any mama could tell this a pained cry - not just normal fussing. At first I thought it was all just related to gulping air (and thus gas) due to an abundant supply and fast let down with my milk, but when that started correcting itself and the yakking continued, I figured something was wrong.

I have wandered through the healing the gut thread, read many of the links on the cheat sheet, looked at the enzyme and probiotic info, but I still have a few starter questions (needless to say, this is all very overwhelming and I'm trying to do my research without neglecting my 3 yr old and newborn!)

1)Just looking at myself and reading about symptoms, etc, I would not tend to say I have a leaky gut. But if dd is having these food intolerances and is exclusively bf, does that mean that I obviously do?
2)What do I need to be doing right now while she is still exclusively breastfed? I know to not give her (or me) abx, no vaccines, and keep exclusively breastfeeding, but what beyond that? It seems to me that a probiotic for me is a good idea. What about directly for the baby? My main goal is to fix this problem (if its fixable) as soon as possible for the baby's sake.
3)I've read a lot about the enzymes, and that seems promising, but a little daunting. Should I do some of these (and are they even passed through bm?) or just eat more raw foods? If so, what is a good starter enzyme treatment?

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