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DS has done the same thing a lot lately. I prepare dinner for the both of us (pretty much putting pre-cooked leftovers on a plate and nuking) and tell him it's dinner, but he is not hungry and later will ask to eat (usually for a sweet treat!).

I will usually put plastic wrap over his plate and save it, but it doesn't mean it's any more appealing to him the second time around. I will offer him fairly healthy food choices if he doesn't want original dinner (yogurt, eggs/cheese, bread, veggie). But normally all he wants is treats

I figured since I cannot force him to eat then I can't force him to sit and eat dinner the same time I do, but at the same time I hate his eating schedule getting off-kilter. Especially since it has made his bedtime later (he will ask for food just as I'm about to bring him upstairs for bedtime).

So, I don't know if there is a whole lot we can do about it and hopefully it's something that will get better as they get older with a longer attention span.
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