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I'm having a little trouble with meals and food lately. My DD is 28 months now and has gotten into the habit of not eating dinner with us, and then wanting to snack later on. We've never ever forced her to eat before or even gotten overly involved in it like some other parents, so I'm at a loss. For example a lot of parents will spoon feed their kid or say, two more bites, etc. but we've done baby led feeding all along, which has worked well. She hasn't had to be spoon fed, she usually eats- not much mind you, but enough for her since she still breastfeeds a lot.

But now she will not touch her dinner, she'll just move it around on her plate and then say she's done... but then half an hour later she is asking for snacks. I'm fine with her snacking but I put effort into making a healthy meal and I'd like her to eat some of it- besides, I want her to realize that it's a waste of food if she doesn't eat her dinner. And she can't just have snacks all the time- I mean the snacks will be something like fruit or yogurt but I'd like her to actually have a meal!

I've thought about putting her plate in the fridge and heating it up later but first of all we don't have a microwave and have no room for one, second of all DP doesnt like that idea because he says dinner should be a family time and I sort of agree with that.. I'd like us all to eat together but at the same time, I don't want to force her to eat when she's not hungry you know?

And there's still the whole issue of wasting food- lots of times she will go into the fridge, get something out and then just not eat it. I don't know if she's just bored or messing with us or she's just confused and doesn't realize she's not hungry? But it's getting on my nerves- I mean for some things like yogurt I can just cover it back up and put it in the fridge but sometimes she will ask for things like a bowl of cereal and then not touch it, or ask for me to open an orange and then not eat it!! Ahh it's driving me nuts!

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