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<p>I had food poisoning @ 7mths pregnant with my last kid 13 yrs ago, and i swear i thought i was going to die</p>
<p>I also believe i was poisoned delibrately!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was given something to eat, then within 8hrs of that meal, my stomache</p>
<p>muscles began to hurt like they were abt to burst out my belly!! i puked and puked till their were nothing left except for</p>
<p>bile, and bile, and more bile!!!!!!!!!!! its the worst, and the bad thing of all i couldnt make it to the ER, i was all alone, stuck! now my son</p>
<p>has autism, am wondering could tht hve affected him some how? i was sick for 2days, without seeing a DR, not my fault!! but lord</p>
<p>knows i was dying i couldnt move @ one point, was to weak, eventually i made it thru, and i survived that horror!! but i will never ever forget that nightmare!! my advice to anyone pregnant with food poisoning, seek refuge!! and fast its not a good thing, your baby could be @ risk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>
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