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Food Press?

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Can anyone recommend a non-plastic food press? The idea seems great but all the ones I've seen have been plastic and kinda cheap looking. I'm talking about the one where there is a part that you screw in that presses the food - for making ferments.

something like this:
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These aren't exactly what you are looking for but one of them might work

Stainless steel food mill

You might also look for a chinois sleeve and pestle. I can't find a link to buy one. We got ours at our local hardware store but there is a picture of one being used in this recipe for apple butter.
I was just looking around the web looking for a simple press for basic cheeses. I found a reasonable looking one at and I'm thinking about putting it on my long-term wishlist. Would this kind of thing work for your plans? What kinds of ferments are you planning that need a press? If it's something good, I might have to move it to my short-term wishlist...
I've researched more and apparently they're referred to as 'pickle press' or 'vegetable press'. A food press brings results that are like a food mill, which is not what I'm looking for.

I went back to the macrobiotic catalogs and books were I'd first seen this and found the one I linked too previously. But all the ones I find are plastic, and I'm personally not comfortable using plastic for that.

A cheese press seems perfect actually, I'll have to look into that. Thanks MamaLeslie.

The reason I"m looking for this: we often eat cabbage salads where the cabbage is shredded and salted and squeezed by hand. A press would be more efficient at this and I could leave the cabbage in there overnight to ferment some.
I just use a mixing bowl (or whatever size I need) and a slightly smaller plate with a jug of water on top for weight. Works great!
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