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I have a little old Black & Decker Handy Chopper Plus (mini food processor), but it doesn't quite cut it for making pumpkin seed butter or grinding flax seeds (and a few other things that one should be able to do in a food processor). It works OK for hummus, although I like my hummus chunky, and pesto.

I don't really want a full-size food processor since we don't have a lot of counter space, nor can I afford it (although someone is selling a Cuisinart on Craigslist near me so I could get that if that's the best choice). I want something for doing homemade nut butter, grinding flax seeds, I guess for baby food after my baby is born and eating solids.

What are good food processors for this? Full size Cuisinart? Any of the mini ones good for this? I looked around on Amazon and there are a lot of small ones but they all have such varied reviews... I guess I wanted a recommendation from people who do a lot of TF cooking.
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