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Food questions

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I hope this is the right place for this...

Question 1) my 11 month old dd is eating lots of solids, and still nurses. however, on the days i work (4 days a week), I no longer send breast milk along (mainly b/c she wasn't drinking much and it was getting wasted, but that's another story). Dd drinks water out of a sippy cup, but has never had juice or milk or anything. I'm wondering if she should be drinking soy milk or something? I mean, nutritionally, since she's not nursing all day on those days.

2) Dd loves sourkraut. So much so that if she sees the jar she'll beg for it and refuse to eat anything else. We get this un-processed, raw stuff, it's really awesome, but i wonder if it's possible for her to eat too much of it? (she's definitely inheriting my tases here)

3) Dd is less and less willing to eat tiny bits of things, she wants whole food. I am still worried about her choking. so, for instance, I am nervous about giving her a slice of apple or a big chunk of tofu, even though that's what she wants. She's a good eater, swallows well, spits food out when her mouth is too full. should I still be being extra cautious?

thanks mommas!
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