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food shopping around Des Moines??

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Where are you buying fruits and veggies? I am ready to start making baby food.

Anyone know a local farmer for buying eggs, beef and pork?

Seem now that DS will be consumeing it directly -- not via me -- i am totally freaked about where to shop................

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All the local grocers (Dahl's, Hyvee, etc) & health food stores (Campbells & New City Market) carry organic produce. I also get my organic, free range eggs at Dahls.

As for babyfood, it's really not necessary. If your baby is ready for food, you can skip the puree and go straight to finger foods (or simply mush with a fork whatever it is). See all the great info on (especially "Why Delay Solids?" "When will baby be ready for solid foods?" "How do we get started with solids?" and "First Foods").
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