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Just a bit of backgroud, Dash is a 2 year old shep/lab something mix, we got from the shelter when she was about 2 months old. Maggie is a our new addition, we've had her about a month, and she is a 1-2 year old corgi also rescued from the shelter.

Up until this week we could leave any food out anywhere and Dash would leave it, seriously cat food on the floor, pizza on the floor, I couldn't get her to eat food kids dropped on the floor
She just wasn't into any food that wasn't in her bowl and for her. She was really abnormal about it

Maggie came to us skin and bones, however just a month later with love and food she has filled out beautifully. She is intrested in any and all food (which we understand is normal for the breed but still). She will jump up onto anything to get anywhere to get food. Yesterday she was attempting to jump straight up in the air to reach the counter she couldn't do it and yes it was funny to watch, but her intent was not funny.

So now I've got Dash taking food off of counter and tables and either eating it herself or sharing it I don't know. Either way I need to do something to break this behavior. Maggie will jump on chairs to get to the table ect.

I see the floor as fair game, I might not like the scrounging but if it's on the floor I'm willing to let it go. However the tables, and counters including the kids table is not fair game and Maggie needs to learn to leave it, and now we need to retrain Dash.

It has gotten to the point that I can't leave the room to answer the phone without one of them going for scraps. So this morning while I was doing our basic morning routine, teeth/clothes ect. Basically walking around the house I ended up crating them both so they wouldn't get the dirty dishes off the counter, before I could get them in the dishwasher.

When we are training with Maggie she will "leave it" however the second we are out of sight all bets are off.

So other than diligence and continuing basic training what can I do to teach them to leave the counters and tables alone.
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