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Foods that are constipating vs laxative for babies?

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We're starting our baby on solid foods soon, and I've heard that you should only feed babies one new food per week. However, I want to make sure that I'm not constantly feeding him something that's very constipating or very laxative! I've heard that bananas are constipating and prunes are laxative. Anything else I should watch out for? We're avoiding the high-allergen foods (dairy, wheat, soy, egg whites, nuts especially peanuts).

Thanks in advance for your advice!!
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can be constipating:
*orange juice

can upset digestion:

can be laxative:
*most dried fruit in excess
*cooked pears
*flax & hemp oil in excess

great for digestion:
*stewed pears & plums

**peas, corn, & soy can also be allergenic foods
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Thanks so much for that extensive list!!

Here is a little bit of info. that I post about constipation re: babies and solid foods on another board.

Bananas, rice cereal, and applesauce all tend to constipate babies. Carrots and squash are also constipating for some babies. Pears, peaches, plums/prunes, apricots, peas, and sometimes oatmeal usually have the opposite effect. If you can balance baby's diet, between those foods, it should help.

If the stools are still too firm, you can try giving a small amount of water each day, or if baby is over 6mos. diluted juice as well. You will want to stick w/ 4oz. or less of water/juice per day for infants from 6-12mos. Use only 100% juice - white grape, pear, and apple are good ones for babies, you could also try the apple/prune or just prune juice to help w/ the constipation issues (apple juice and applesauce have opposite effects). You also should make sure that baby is continuing to get enough breastmilk/formula, not only is that where they are still getting the bulk of their nutrition from, it also helps to keep them hydrated. The recommendation is at least 24oz. or more per day.

If all else fails, talk to your baby's dr. to see what s/he recommends. They may suggest a glycerin suppository for your baby. Beware of the recommendation to give karo syrup, like honey; it shouldn't be given to infants under 1yr. because of the potential for botulism. Some other things you can try are, using the thermometer on baby, and putting him in a tub of nice warm water. hth.
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Thanks for those tips and the fantastic resource page!!
You're Welcome... and thanks!
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