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Hmm, I wonder if you could go a little further with this and see if those children with the cords around their necks who do not like turtlenecks needed resuscitation?

I bring it up because I was a c-sec baby for footling breech and cord prolapse - so my cord was NOT around my neck - and absolutely cannot stand a turtleneck or tight collar or scarf or anyone touching my neck. I have panic attacks practically because I think I am suffocating. I did need some pretty intensive resuscitation though!

In a neonatal CPR class I took for midwives it was brought up that often the resus is done overeagerly (meaning, they did not try less invasive procedures first) or very forcefully (especially if needing intubation) and that it can have lasting effects on a baby, including inhibiting or making breastfeeding challenging because the baby has a negative association with their mouths/throats. I remember the point of that was to illustrate the importance of trying the least invasive first and moving up the scale as appropriate to minimize the possible effects on baby. But I do think maybe it is related to the turtleneck thing too?
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