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2 pairs of boots, in excellent condition.
a) Dr Martens, 0939 series, oily black, 6 eyelet boot. Leather. Made in England (sample pic) except they have black stitching and not yellow as in this pict
b) Classic Blundstone #409, "Brown distressed Canuck" (colour exclusive to Canada
)(sample pic) Leather. Made in Australia
Both of them are size UK9/ US10

My DH bought them and then after walking with them for a couple of days, he decided they are too small for him
: so they've been in the closet for a while. They are in extremely good condition. The Doc Martens even have the excess rubber hanging in the soles from when the shoes are new. The Blundstone are the most comfortable boot I've ever had (they're like the Birkenstock in boot version
I wear mine EVERY day of the winter) the colour makes them look old "distressed" but the soles and insides are clean and like new.
I thought I would offer them here before throwing them onto e-bay.
I am asking $55 US or $70 CND each, plus shipping.
I have pictures and can e-mail them by request.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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