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Hi all. An old friend of mine is pregnant with her first child. She has MS and is mainstream, treating it that way. I am not sure she if she is aware of alternatives. THAT SAID... As a Mama with MS, besides the average shower gift, is there anything you'd recommend for her? A book, information, etc. We all know how much we change after givign birth and how our eyes open (ed) to so much more. I know she worries and would probably appreciate a good book, etc.

Otherwise, I can drive her nuts with my no circ. pamphlet and LLL contacts! And my Mothering links!
I slip these in the traditional gifts! Everyone sees me as weird anyway...

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But I just this very minute read this:

Copaxone comes as 30 pre-loaded syringes in a box, one injection for each day of the month. They are shipped monthly via overnight courier and are packed in a Styrofoam box with icepacks for temperature stabilization.

Cost for above syringe used for daily injection: $63.00

Minimum prescription order shipped: 30 syringes

Injections required per year: 365

Length of time patient takes this drug: Remainder of their life

Storage: Refrigeration

Country of origin: Israel

Number of patients cured: 0.

Effectiveness to slow MS progression according to data sheet: 7% average

Chemistry by which Copaxone works: Unknown according to manufacturer's data sheet.

Sales in 2003: $720,000,000.00
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