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My daughters go to a very small very old school.
I love the catholic school we go to.
It's very old, run down.
They don't spend money on things that they don't have to.
All their papers are used on both sides etc.
I love it, I think it shows my girls valuable lessons.
They know the teachers don't make as much money as the public schools and they've seen them their at 8pm at night.
My daughter knows the teachers are their because they care and not because it's a job.
I know it would be nice to have pretty white new hallways and nice desks but I kinda like the old look..
I love that my kids learn catholic/christian values at school.
My daughter went to a public kindergarden and although it had it's positives I really disliked it.
I was excited this year to learn that they were having lessons on other cultures holiday celebrations, hanika (i can't spell), kwanza etc.
Ok well I guess you can tell how I feel.
I hope you enjoy whichever school you choose.
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