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for older babies: cow milk? soy? only mama's?

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Hi. I was just wondering how other mamas generally deal with giving babies other kinds of milk after they get older, like over 12 months. I will breastfeed my son for a few years, but I wondered if he should start taking supplemental cow's milk or soy milk when he gets to be a year old or so.

I work full time, so I pump several times a day for him, and I'll do that for as long as I need to, but is 12 months usually a good time to stop pumping every day? If I were to stop pumping at that time, should he have another kind of milk during the day, or just water to drink?

And I sortof have a feeling that we don't want to give him cow's milk, so I'm thinking maybe soy, but I don't really know why I wouldn't want to do cow's milk. Maybe it would be bad on his stomach/make him gassy?
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The best thing you can do for your baby is keep providing breastmilk. There is no need to stop pumping every day when your dc reaches 12 mo. There is no need to give cow's milk or any other kind of milk as long as your dc is receiving mama's milk. IMO there's no need to give any other milk ever. Humans are the only species to drink the milk of another species. For reasons you might want to avoid cow's milk look here.
I don't do soy or other alternative milks. My DH and I drink milk as a beverage once in a great while (once or twice a month) and eventually I will offer it to my dd as such. But just a now-and-then drink, not an everyday thing.

My first was allergic to cow's milk. I nursed him for 21 months. I used soy milk in his cereal & gave him chocolate soy milk to drink. So when my 2nd weaned at 13 months I just gave her soy milk since we don't keep cow's milk in the house. They get one glass of chocolate soy milk with breakfast & regular soy milk on their cereal. That's all the milk that they get each day.
You can also look into other types of milks besides soymilk, like calcium fortified almond milk, rice milk, hazelnut milk, oat milk, etc etc...
I think DS was over a year when we gave him an alternative milk beverage besides breastmilk... and then it was mostly for the calcium.... I think I would give him half a sippy cup full at breakfast, another at lunch or dinner.
Don't know if it was needed or not, but he did enjoy it

We just recently (in the last month) started giving DS (who is almost 2) cow milk and he definitely was not into it at first.

take care
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With DD we started cow's milk right at 12 months like you are "supposed to"
Within a couple weeks she had a constant "cold" and was misdiagnosed with a sinus infection
Elliminated cow's milk again, elliminated the problems.

Months passed and we decided to reintroduce cow's milk. So for the next couple years I got to keep buying whole milk which she may or may not drink (and no one else would). We would go in cycles of her drinking or not drinking. I decided to encourage it after two, though, because I was preganant and my supply plummetted. Now, at six, she drinks a mixture of cows, soy & almond milk (not at the same time, lol, just whatever she wants on a particular day).

With DS I skipped that and he just nursed until two. Around then he would start to drink a sip or two of cow's milk if he wanted. Now at 3.75 he generally drinks *some* cow's milk each day, but still under a cup. Many days under 1/2 cup.

No mammal actuallly *needs* milk after they have passed their natural weaning age (estimated 2.5-7 for humans) so milk intake is a personal preference. With DD being a rather picky vegetarian (very good grain & fruit consumption), I like her drinking milk for the protein. It is less important to me that DS drinks milk (esp since he is still nursing) because he has other protein sources.
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Thanks for the replies!

TiredX2... I was wondering, in your signature, what is meant by "public assistance?" I don't understand.
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