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Pictures for all of these items are here:

I accept Palpal, credit card & funded!!! I also accept money orders, checks & well concealed cash.


Womens dark blue with very small white specks (hard to explain,)3X, jacket vest, really warm & cute. - 5.00

Unisex Dr. Marten little kids shoes, size 11, SO CUTE!!! They don't fit my Son anymore, scuffing on the toe but otherwise amazing shape. - 12.00

6 Stampin' Up Stamps, 1 misc brand & a TON of kids stamps. I bought the Kids ones so my Son could stamp right along with me. - 10.00

Play Tent by Pacific Play Tents. SOLD!

Womens sweater duster type jacket with tie at waist. SOLD!

Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenidies. SOLD!

Womens v-neck t-shirt, size XL, peach, orange & maroon striped top. SOLD!

Womens Arizona Jean Company Jeans, tag says size 15/31, good shape. SOLD!

Mens dark blue one size fits all, thick, warm robe. SOLD!

Womens medium weight jacket, size 2X, tri-color from light to dark blue. SOLD!

Womens Skechers, brown leather, size 10. Awesome shoes! SOLD!

Womens brand new never worn sandals, size 11, brown. SOLD!

If you don't like my prices... MAKE ME AN OFFER!!! I need paypal ASAP & I want rid of this stuff. Thank you so much for looking! If ya buy more than one thing I'll give ya a discount!

AGAIN... THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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