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I have the following books for sale. The books are all probably used, so you can expect some wear. Some books have a number written inside the front cover...some have a name inside the front cover, a couple have the front page corner clipped. A few have a price sticker still remaining or a sticky spot where the sticker was. All the books are still readable, just some may have some little things. If you want the condition of a specific book, please ask, I'm more than willing to type it up, just don't want to type all these up if at all possible. Please see my terms at the bottom. Thanks Sara<br><br>
Pregnancy/childbirth/children's health/massage/parenting/breastfeeding<br>
Choices in Childbirth by Silvia Feldman $3.00<br><br>
BABY AND CHILD EMERGENCY FIRST AID HANDBOOK Inside front cover smudge of<br>
some sort. Back of book has parent's emergency contact info filled in(name<br>
of hospital, directions, etc.) by Mitchell Einzig (his first-aid handbook is<br>
the first thing you should reach for when your child has an emergency --<br>
when every second counts. Here's why: It is designed to help people with<br>
limited training in emergency medical procedures -- parents, babysitters,<br>
grandparents, and child-care providers -- deal quickly and easily with 34 of<br>
the most common childhood emergencies.<br>
The quick-reference index is highlighted on both covers so you can find the<br>
information you need in seconds.<br>
The large pages feature numbered step-by-step instructions with large,<br>
easy-to-read type.<br>
The illustrations are big, clear, and make the instructions immediately<br>
The up-to-date medical information tells you what you need to know about<br>
each emergency, what to check, when to get professional help, and what not<br>
to do.<br>
The washable hardcover binding lays flat for easy reference and will last<br>
for years. $5.00<br><br>
Do You Want to Have a Baby: Conception & Natural Prenatal Care (Healthy<br>
Healing Library Ser. ; Vol. 2) by Linda R. Page (more of a pamphlet than a<br>
book). $1.00<br><br>
Natural childbirth and the Christian Family by Helen Wessel. This book is in<br>
pretty bad shape. Looks like it was a<br>
previous library book. water damage, etc. However the pages all still turn<br>
ok, the book just looks ugly :) $1.00<br><br>
Sprinkles of Love by Michelle Moe This is a spiral bound book on how<br>
to massage your baby. $3.00<br><br>
Amy Spangler's Breastfeeding : A Parent's Guide by Amy Spangler<br>
Friendly,personal,and honest, BREASTFEEDING A Parent's Guide separates the<br>
facts from the myths about breastfeeding. It answers the questions most<br>
often asked about breastfeeding and deals honestly and directly with the<br>
advantages as well as the concerns. Detailed drawings, clear instrustions<br>
and helpful advice make this the book breastfeeding parents will refer to<br>
over and over again. It is the perfect book for today's parents...parents<br>
who wonder if breastfeeding will work in their busy lives. $1.50<br><br>
Raising Great Kids: parenting with grace and truth by Henry Cloud Book<br>
Description In approaching parenting from both a developmental and spiritual<br>
direction, the authors show how biblical character includes competent<br>
functioning in areas such as relationship skills, tasks, ownership,<br>
responsibility and follow through, self-control, perseverance, delay of<br>
gratification, ability to lose and grieve, and the ability to forgive.<br>
Bringing up children with mature character is the goal of parenting. In<br>
Raising Great Kids, counselors and best-selling authors Henry Cloud and John<br>
Townsend give parents a means of raising children successfully, using the<br>
biblical principles of grace and truth rather than the twin extremes of<br>
permissiveness and overcontrol. In conjunction with MOPS" (Mothers of<br>
Preschoolers International), the authors provide a parenting resource that<br>
includes both developmental and biblical perspectives. This workbook helps<br>
parents of preschoolers apply the principles described in Raising Great<br>
Kids. Two more workbooks are planned for parents of school-age children and<br>
parents of teenagers.(name, phone & number inside front cover).$3.00<br><br>
For the Children's Sake Foundations of education for home and school -- by<br>
Susan S. MacAulay A reader's review: Mrs. MacAulay interprets the principles of Charlotte Mason, an English school teacher with ideas similar to Maria Montessori (but grounded in Scripture). Miss Mason lived from 1842-1923 and her writing is a bit flowery for today's readers. This book gets to the essentials of her philosophy outlined in this mottto "I am, I can, I ought, I will". What that means is basically that teachers need to help children understand their deep value to God, expose them to many activities so they can discover their gifts, teach the unchanging morals of Scripture and guide children in making moral choices for themselves.$3.00<br><br>
The Ministry of Parenting Your Baby by Dr. William Sears. Attachment Parenting book. knowing when to respond to baby's cries, enhancing the bonding of mother, father and baby, establishing guidelines for breastfeeding and weaning, understanding the baby's temperment, and staying close to baby even while otherwise occupied. Dust jacket is a little rough. $2.00<br><br>
TERMS: If buying outright, buyer pays actual shipping. I'll ship<br>
however you would like.In the past, it's usually about $1.97-$2.39 for<br>
the first book(though some larger books are a little more) and then<br>
maybe $.75 for each additional(some larger books might be a little<br>
more). I do have a digital scale so I can box the book(s) up and let<br>
you know a shipping price if I have your zip code. Delivery<br>
Confirmation is included in the shipping price. To give you an example<br>
I just sent someone lately 3 books and it was in the $3.00 range I also sent<br>
several people 6-8 books and it was around $5.00<br><br>
If buying, I can accept money orders or Paypal, but no debit or<br>
credit card paypal(please ask if you don't understand that part).<br><br>
Also, if you want to trade, please include prices with your list so I know<br>
how much the value is for your items.<br><br>
Things I'm willing to trade for(please remember money is tight, so I<br>
am extra fussy this time around on what I will trade for):<br><br>
Paypal(no credit/debit cards though) or money orders.<br><br>
Straight ahead organic by sheperd ogden<br>
Let the Tooth Be Known by Dawn Ewing<br>
Good Teeth: Birth to Death by Dr. Gerard F. Judd<br>
We Were Gonna Have a Baby, But We Had an Angel Instead by Pat Schwiebert<br>
Dr. Mom II - A family guide to alternative health care By Sandra K.Livingston Ellis, MH<br>
My Mommy, My Teacher by Johannah Bluedorn<br><br>
Thanks for your time!! SARA
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