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For the first time I felt the real joy of bf'ing!

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Carter was so tired last night and so fussy. I was'nt even going to bother trying to get him to latch, but I made a promise to myself that I would try at every feeding. So, I sat on my bed and put the nursing pillow around me and layed him on it. I played with him and stroked his hair and then I positioned him. At first he cried, but then he latched and nursed and fell asleep. It was beautiful! I switched sides and he took right away and fell asleep again. I just sat there, while he nursed in his sleep, and felt this huge wave of love and closeness. When I put him down to bed I was'nt sure if he was going to stay sleeping because he usually drinks 2oz of formula befor he goes to sleep, but he stayed sleeping which means he got enough to satisfy him for the night.

This morning he woke and I tried to nurse and he cried so hard. I gave a little formula in his sip cup and tried again, but again would'nt have anything to do with it. I gave him to dh and went downstairs for a glass of water, came back and tried again. This time he latched and everytime he lost it he rooted for it again. I layed there with my little boy sleep nursing again and I could have just cried.

Thanks for letting me share. Nursing him was the most important thing to me and since we stopped I have felt so guilty and dissapointed. I never nursed my girls (because of the same issues) and I have never experienced the true joy of nursing. These two moments meant the world to me.
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That is so sweet!
I'm so happy for you.
It is so wonderful to hear that you are both reaping the benefits. Your hard work is paying off.
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: I am so happy for you! You put in a lot of hard work for him, hopefully he will continue to latch on well for you! Good job, mama!!
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he's been doing great all morning. He's been latching without any fuss at all, except after I gave him his sip cup. However, he was tired and he had been nursing practically all morning. He's only taken in 6oz of formula all morning. Usually he will have had 15oz by now. I'm just hoping he's getting enough from me. We have our doc appointment tomorrow so hopefully he will latch on well so we can weigh him and find out how much he's taking in. That's the only thing that bothers me, I can't tell how much he's had and if it's enough.

I'm so glad your relactation is coming along.

Good luck at the doctors tomorrow. Let us know!
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! Let us know how things go at the Doc's! It sounds like you're making lots of milkies ALREADY!That's awesome!
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Things are so totally moving in the right direction! I'm so excited for you that you got to feel those wonderful feelings. It's so neat, especially after so much opposition. I'm certain that he is getting plenty from you, but I do remember wondering the same as you! It's an act of faith!

Keep up the good work mama!
CONGRATs Mama ... I check in this board everyday just to read your update ... to cool .... Keep up the good work !
Congratulations!!!! You have worked so hard! Keep up the great work and enjoy bf'ing your little one!

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That is so great...I was thinking of you today wondering how it was going.

Good luck with the Doctors tommorrow. Is your goal to be eliminating the formula? How old is Carter?

Thank you for the brought tears to my eyes. What resilience you have mama, the rewards are going to start flowing in now!

Originally Posted by cjr
That's the only thing that bothers me, I can't tell how much he's had and if it's enough.
This was my initial worry with my dd at the beginning but my Doctor and lactation consultant both encouraged me to look for those signs within my dd. If she came off the breast content and looked for the breast at a rhythm that felt right to us then the rest would come.

Now I think you will start to discover the very unwritten, unchartered territory of a breastfeeding relationship that is so different for every mother and child. It is very subtle and intuitive. Listen to you intuition...if you think Carter has had enough milk...then more than likely he has. I know this sounds very unscientific but if it feels right it is right!

I hope that helps, I think you are so wonderful for relactating.
I am so happy for you, mama! I know very well the feeling you wrote about. I won't hijack your post with my story, but suffice it to say I KNOW the feeling and it is the most wonderful thing in the world, truly it is. You keep doing just what you are doing. It sounds like your baby is making very steady progress. Be confident! I also know very well how frightening it can be to wonder whether your babe is getting enough to eat, whether you are satisfying him, etc. It's hard not to be able to count ounces when you've gotten used to that. Keep in mind, he is doing his part to increase your supply by nursing often. That's an important part of relactating! Let him do his job, and you just watch for the signs such as wet and dirty diapers, etc. Keep in close contact with your LC, she can help you weigh the baby often if it will ease your mind, or you could even rent a baby scale for awhile if you have means to do so in your area. YOU CAN DO IT! I am so happy for you. You're doing a wonderful, wonderful thing.
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you should feel so proud of yourself! there is nothing better than the feeling of bf'ing success! congratulations to you & your babe!
Oh Ya, I thought of one more thing....As your babe nurses, each time he will gain more confidence too, and become more efficient at it thus being able to draw more milk from your breast in less time!
I'm glad it's coming along for you! Good luck at the doctor tomorrow!
I am so happy. I almost started crying out of sheer happiness for you when I read your post. I think it will only get better from now on for you.
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Is your goal to be eliminating the formula? How old is Carter?
Yes, our goal is to get him off of formula completely. I would like to bf him as much as I can, but I am also realistic and know that dh will have to feed him from time to time using the sip cup. Although, I am learning to slow down with this experience. My doc also said that I may not get a full supply, but I believe I will. I'm not really getting much when I pump. I think I'm having a hard time with the let down on the pump. I know he's getting way more because I can hear him drawing and swollowing. He is 15 weeks now.

This evening he was a little fussier. I had to go shopping and made it home just in time for his next feeding. He ate...fell asleep (I love it when he falls asleep, he looks so content and peaceful)...and ate some more. He was very content, but I am having a hard time believing that I am producing enough to fill him up. I have only been lactating for a week and a half, and everything I read states it will take as much time to establish a supply as he has been away from bf'ing. If I have to guess, I would say he's getting about an oz from each breast. He started fussing after about 20 min so I put him back on but he just got all upset, he was tired so I gave him 2 oz of formula and that helped. Then he got hungry and latched but would'nt stay awake and when he did wake up he was just to hungry so I gave him his sip cup. He's been doing awsome and I don't want to push him to much. I'm having a hard time figuring out the "signs". They are so different. I am used to counting oz's and hours between feedings, rather than letting him set the pace.

I love coming here and sharing.
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Originally Posted by cjr
I know he's getting way more because I can hear him drawing and swollowing.
This is really great news! It sounds like you're re-lactating much more quickly than average. I think your determination and effort is paying sounds like you're already making a lot of milk.
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that is wonderful! you brought a tear to my eye, because i really feel for anyone who never gets to experience beautiful nursing moments like that. there are no words for that feeling you get.

you are doing SUCH a great thing, i have so much respect for you. you're awesome, mama!
I'm so happy for you. You're the first person I've "known" who has relactated. It's so neat to hear how possible it is, and how rewarding it can be. I wish more people knew about that.
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