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For the teacher in us (me) to keep my spirits up?

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I like to say I'm a homeschooler, but that conjures up actually sitting down and doing worksheets and projects with the kids on a daily basis. Ha! Yeah right, we're unschoolers. (though the occational worksheet does slip through...and we *do* projects and stuff, just not with anything resembling a plan)....

I tell myself that my kids will learn and grow up to be intellegent (both book and street smarts) and well adjusted and happy....but doubt creeps in. I tell myself that even if I screw up, they will conquer the world. Either because of me or in spite of me, it'll happen. But my oldest DS has significant developmental and learning disabilities, and ADD (unmedicated, though we tried some) and the doubt with him grows uncomfortably strong many days. I will say that public/structured schooling has done him no good. So my doubt isn't that someone else can do it better, it's just doubt that I can't do enough. Will he end up living at home forever because he can't be self sufficient? Will he ever hold a job? He's 9 and just barely starting to read...his brain works in such mysterious ways that even the professional therapists are at a loss to figure out a plan to help his developmental therapy work best.

How do I shed this doubt for good? Can I ever even do such a thing, or do I just have to deal with it and know that my best will be good enough?
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